Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 1! 8 weeks to go

Today marked the start of my 8 week training for my first half-marathon, the Chicago Rock n' Roll Half- Marathon August 14th. I'm pretty excited to get going towards my goal of finishing strong. So you may be asking, how did you decide that you wanted to run a half-marathon? Well, as I was training for Ragnar Relay I considered that in 20 some hours I would be running 13.5 miles anyhow, so I reasoned that I would be in great shape to keep running. Fortunately for me, while the idea of a half was still rolling around in my head the Muscle Milk rep, Jim, asked me if I'd be interested in a free entry to the Rock n' Roll Half in Chicago. I tossed the idea around some more, asked a couple friends if they would be interested, and had no takers, until one night at volleyball it came up that my friend Erin had never done a half, and would love to! I called Jim, and he e-mailed me some free entry codes the next day.

And then we fast forward to tonight, I planned out an intermediate training plan, but I'm kind of worried it's a bit ambitious. The plan starts out with 4 mile runs, and works it's way up, which I am capable of, but I'm not sure I have 5 nights a week to run. However, the beginner plan starts at running or walking 2 miles, which is too easy for me. So this weekend I think I will try to figure out a combination plan to use. Tonight the plan was to run 2 on the beginner plan, or 4 on intermediate. I chose to run 2 miles on the treadmill in the worst possible spot in the gym, it was soooo hot with no breeze from any fan even coming close to me! I calibrated my Nike plus sensor, then went into the other room for 20 minutes of core work. I then returned to the cardio room to a much better positioned treadmill that had somewhat of a breeze. I then ran 2.4 miles to a popping playlist I had made for my Birthday party.

Overall I was pretty happy with my 4.4 miles tonight that I ran at a 2.0 incline and 1 minute at 8.5!