Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pureflow 2 vs Pureflow 3

If you are anything like me when you see that your favorite shoes are on sale you find justification to buy not only that pair of Pureflow 2's for 45% off, but also the latest and greatest Pureflow 3's. I am a loyal Brooks running advocate because I have found that Brooks running shoes are cut low enough that shoes do not rub on my ankles as other brands do.

When my new pairs of Pureflows arrived today I was mentally noting the differences I see, and decided that I should review these shoes against each other, will the Pureflow 3 be better than the 2?!

The Pureflow 3 appears to have a sleeker, more aesthetically appealing design, but will it be at the cost of functionality? The Pureflow 2 uses a single piece of a microfiber bonded to the outer shoe for support. Other notable differences include the side the shoe tongue is attached to, the material used to line the shoes, perhaps a slightly larger toe box, and a completely redesigned sole.

I hope you will join me in a few weeks for my non-scientific shoe analysis :)