Saturday, June 8, 2013

Some pics from last night/ this morning

Kim before Colin took off running
Nathan in Helensville
Laurie flashing us :o)
This dude wears some short shorts!!

Nathan taking off on his run

Good morning!

Leg #3 into Kenosha, 11 miles done!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Van tagging, short shorts, being a bum, and Jen coming in for the graham crackers!

Tagging a van

Being a bum under the bridge
Skelly running by the van
Teddy Graham refueling station

Ready to go!

Fun with friends and running

Steve doing some country running
Laurie and I
She loves permanent marker temp tattoos
State Farm road and our State Farm rep

Body glide on foreheads, kissy faces and exchnages :-)

No one likes chafing, glide up!
Laurie gives me a face, lol
Exchange time

Exchange 2

Laurie passing off to Colin
Heading to the van

Ragnar Chicago leg 1 done!

Had a nice 8.9 mile run with a new friend Kathryn from Chicago. I'm glad I made a new friend, she kept me paced and made the miles go by quicker. We started our run at 11am, so we were running in the middle of the day with little shade. Only 2 legs left!! :-)  and 190 miles hehe.

Six Shades of Ultra is about to get started!