Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Practically all summer Wednesdays have consisted of going to work, rushing home, changing, going to Wednesday Night Brick, then coming home for a few hours to decompress.  Tonight's projects were making fresh pesto from my basil plant, and putting running photos I had purchased into frames.  The pesto turned out well, I processed my heart out, until I just used my single cup blender to finish up.  A tip if you are aspiring to make your own pesto.. make sure you splurge on the olive oil!

The next project, picture framing was fun.  I put the Sundown Dash poster into a frame, my Rock n' Roll half marathon picture, and my Crazy Legs photos in frames.  On my half marathon photo I had them imprint the Rock n' Roll logo, as well as my finishing time (2:10), but I was a little disappointed that the date was not on there.  Fortunately for me, the race date was printed on the race bib I was wearing.  Race day was 8.14.11; just over one year ago.  Who would have thought I would do another half marathon, another sprint triathlon, be a week away from an Olympic triathlon, and be considering a full marathon just one year later.  I hope this does not sound like a bragging post, but I am proud of myself when I look back at my accomplishments.  I think a huge thanks is in order for all of my fit friends who keep me going, and keep me challenging myself.  THANK YOU!

If I didn't have the "crazy" friends I do who agree to run 200 mile relays, inspired me to run my first sprint triathlon, and meet me at the pool ridiculously early to train, I don't know where I would be.  I do know where I will be this weekend though... and that is in Fontana swimming 1500 meters, biking 24 miles, and running 6.2 miles uphill.  I'm not sure what the next adventure will be, but I look forward to training for it with my friends.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Some lessons learnt the hard way

Since the beginning of July it's been non-stop race planning and running. July 25th was the Sundown Dash. I wish I had words to describe how awesome it was to put the race together and see the results. Although I was busy planning then, I'm busy training now, I signed up for an Olympic triathlon! Saturday I ran the Milton Mud Challenge; a 5k obstacle course. I thought the course was challenging. It took me 41 minutes to finish the course. However, I do have my fair share of battle wounds from hitting knees and legs on various obstacles. The mud run made me thankful for my non-contact triathlon training!

Today was back to triathlon training. I went up to Lake Ripley with my friend Brad to swim. He helped me get through my longest swim yet, 1.1 miles. Apart from my usual slight freak out when getting into a new body of water it was good. I took a few breaks, but hope to take fewer breaks next time. I also hope to put body glide in all of the necessary places! Tonight I noticed I did not as I was preparing for bed and noticed huge red chafing lines down my shoulders from my wetsuit arm holes. I guess I'll remember to glide there race day!  

(Fontana Sprint and Olympic triathlons are August 25th)