Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strength in numbers

Today I set out to do my second week in a row with a 10 mile run.  Last week I ran by myself in the afternoon instead of with the ASR group because of a schedule conflict. This week I dragged myself out of bed, respiratory cold and all, and met the group. I knew I probably wouldn't have someone going my pace today since I planned to take it slow and see how I was feeling. I actually wasn't too far behind the fast group by mile 3, they were about a quarter to half a mile ahead, so o evaluated how i was feeling and told myself I should keep going as far as I could to get to 5 miles before turning around. At my 4 mile mark I started seeing fellow runners encouraging me on, letting me know I was doing great, so I pushed on at my somewhat leisure pace. On my way out I saw 2 individuals and 1 group on their way back, all cheering me on. On my way back I was lost in my music and somewhat startled when I heard a voice say "hey Kayla", it turned out to be Adam, we chatted briefly then he was on his way. After I saw Adam I decided I was feeling alright so I picked up the pace. Soon after I ran into a few people still on their way out, so I tried to encourage them as others had done for me. Despite not feeling the greatest having others out running with me kept me going. I'm glad to have such great people to run with.

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