Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leg 2 in the books!

I want to start by saying I had an AWESOME 7 mile run this morning, however the road to that run was not so smooth. After leg 1 my electrolytes or something else were far out of check and I had a headache for quite awhile.  I tried everything; Gatorade,  water, salt tablets, the rest of my subway, pretzels, Tylenol, and sleep. No such luck, my dehydration headache would not go away and I was feeling crummy and cold.  And I must have looked pretty awful because my team was worried about me. Jessica gave me a ONE coconut water to drink because of the electrolytes and potassium. I grabbed a banana and slowly made my way the exchange in time for me to throw the rest of the banana and ONE to Jessica before I took off running in my tank and arm sleeves. I was finally feeling better when I took off. I passed 2 people right away and had to roll off my sleeves at half a mile. Mile 1 8:45, mile 2 8:45, mile 3 was around a 9, and I'll have to consult my garmin for the specifics. The miles  were flying by as the sun came up. 6 roadkillz. Just after mile 6 I saw my next target; an athletic male about my age. At 6.5 he was about 200 feet ahead of me and i was slowly gaining. At .15 to go I started picking up my pace to sprint. When I was 4 feet on him sprinting when he turned around and saw me gaining on him; so he started a sprint, we were neck in neck coming into the exchange when I wasn't sure where my hand off person was. I saw her on the left side, handed off then high fived the guy and told him good race. What started off as an iffy run turned into a great one. 5 miles left this afternoon for me!

Time moving splits (There stop lights I had to stop at so I think it's fair to use these times!!):

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