Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Several weeks ago I completed the Rock Roll n' Run Sprint triathlon in Janesville. It was a lot of fun. I started just before my friend Elizabeth in the swim. It was time trial start, so you wait for the person to type in your number then go. I had the usual mental games of OMG, I'm going to drown, why am I doing this?! Even though I had swam the course 3 times. About a quarter of a mile in I found my confidence. I swam way out away from everyone else, but finished my swim smiling as I saw familiar faces cheering as I exited the water.

In transition I saw Laurie, then took off with my bike to the bike mounting area. The bike course was challenging. There were several large hills throughout. My absolute favorite part was getting some speed going into the big hill on highway h and pedaling down the hill reaching 30 mph! I loved it! I don't think I can explain the pure exhilaration I felt ( I love just thinking about it). As the miles flew by Laurie and I kept leapfrogging each other, which was nice to see a familiar face, but at the same time wanting to gain some time knowing she is a faster runner. I pushed the last couple miles and truly appreciated all of the cheering volunteers coming into transition.

As I transitioned to run I took 5 steps and realized I still had my helmet on so I ran back to toss it with my stuff. Then took off. I passed a few people early on in the run. We ran through the farmers market where Jen was cheering. Then through downtown to the dreaded Holmes street hill, except I don't think I dreaded it enough, it was bigger than anticipated but more bearable with Tawnya jumping around at the top of the hill!

I sweated my way through the rest of the course and caught up to Elizabeth in the run, told her good job, and she took off. I wasn't able to push my sprint any faster so I finished right behind her. At the finish I was so out of it, but got my big hug and medal from Kitty :)

So post race I've been coordinating with some ladies on our next race, perhaps the Fontana Triathlon if I can get more information on it!

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