Sunday, November 10, 2013

What to do with those race bibs?!

My bib collection a few months ago

I've been pondering this question for about a year, and the number of race bibs I collect keeps growing (which by no means is bad!).  24 race bibs just sitting in my office.  My favorite idea would be to transfer the bibs onto fabric and incorporate them into a quilt, but alas 24 bibs is a lot, but probably only a fraction of a quilt!  So until I have enough bibs for my quilt here are a couple of ideas I liked:

Do it yourself bib coasters

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Racer Wall Frames

DIY Wall Plaques

Bibs hanging from a hook 

I also stumbled across a photo book that had a copy of the bibs with race photos that was pretty neat!  It was probably made on a site similar to Shutterfly.  I do also love these Mile 22 bags, but at $175 I think I will have to pass! I did see a DIY version of it, but I wasn't impressed.

Do you have any creative ways to display your bibs?!

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