Monday, February 20, 2012

13.1 here I come (again)!!

Today I was e-mailed a badge for Ragnar Ambassadors, so while I was on the basno site I realized I had 2 other fun badges.  One of them is the above, Rock n' Roll finisher.  I thought I would post it on here to brag a little, and announce that I am all signed up for the Wisconsin Marathon (for the half marathon) May 5th.  I've been running 4-6 miles pretty consistantly twice a week, so I'm excited to step it up a little and push myself.  Hopefully by the end of this year you will see badges for Ragnar Chicago and Tough Mudder!  If Muscle Milk offers up another free entry to the Rock n' Roll again of course I'm in for that too :o)

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