Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Last night was the All Season Runner run and whine series "hearts on fire" run. The run was complete with several hills, and a "treat" from Kitty, which happened to be a trick.. 2 hill repeats up Lawrence street by the Rock County courthouse, that definitely pushed me. It was nice on the 2nd repeat to hear encouragement from Kathy and Jacky behind me saying "come on Kayla" when I started to slow down. The rest of the run was a breeze after those hills, we sped down main to Milwaukee and headed back to the store. My run measured in at 4.27 miles. At the store there was plenty of fruit, crackers, cheese, and wine to go around. I hung out for awhile, and then headed to Marshall for co-ed volleyball league. So needless to say, I got my workouts in! You would think today I would have taken a rest day, but no... I came up to volleyball in Edgerton to relieve some stress. At volleyball we had 7 on our team, so we were subbing players out. Halfway through the night I decided that when I subbed out I would do wall squats. I feel that I've never been very good at holding squats, but tonight I felt as though I could hold that squat for twice as long as I'd previously been able to. Thank you Jillian abs and hill runs! It's a small, but huge victory when you see improvement; a much needed sign of improvement after a week of what felt like runs recovering from a cold.

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