Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year, New Me?

Greetings friends! Here we are January 27th, how many of you have kept your New Year's resolutions? And how many of you like me decided New Year's resolutions weren't really for them? This year I decided that I would pick a project around the house to get done every week, such as go through that junk drawer, or clean out the closet. So far, so good, until I was on vacation last week, so now it's time to get back in it. Which brings me to my point; on vacation last week in Punta Cana the food differences were astounding. Literally from eating too many carbs and delicious fruit for a week buffet overstuffed style I decided it was time for a food change when I got home. Before I left I had downloaded some free books off of Kindle, and was intrigued by a Raw eating recipe book I had downloaded.

I read through the books beginning chapters and skimmed some recipes and decided I could try this raw stuff a few days (meals) a week. So I thought perhaps you would like to share in my new adventure. First up was a veggie breakfast scramble. It was pretty easy with my food processor in hand. I blended sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and almonds until they were flour like, then added some cumin, chili powder and almond milk. Then I simply stirred in a tomato and scallion, and I was done! It was a relatively painless process, and the scramble didn't turn out too bad, although I think I'd omit the sunflower seeds next time.

My next project was with my mom's dehydrator, it didn't have any instructions, so I'm winging it. I put some blueberries and apple slices to get started. After work the apples were ready and will be a delicious snack; the blueberries are still dehydrating and on their way into blueberry vinaigrette dressing!

Project 3 after work tonight was a delicious smoothie. I blended a banana, half an apple, cocoa powder, spinach, and almond milk. So far, so good. I'm hoping to keep prepping some raw meals and share them with you guys. Have you ever cooked raw? Any suggestions for this newby?

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