Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Raw Smoothies

I can't say that I love the smoothie I made tonight, but I don't hate it either. Similar to any recipe I tend to loosely follow recipes. Well, it didn't work out in my best interest tonight. The recipe book that I have is for 2-4 servings typically but I make my smoothies in a single cup blender, see the problem here? The recipe called for half a lemon, so I threw in half a lemon because I had it in my fridge, but then I didn't add as much of the other fruits and veggies called for (apple, celery and spinach); holy lemon! I'm definitely taking notes to include less lemon than suggested, try it and add more! Apart from all of the lemon I taste right now this smoothie seems like a great summertime drink.

And on a completely different topic, Elizabeth, Rob and I tried a little TRX this morning. Wow, what a workout, I was shaking before I left the athletic club! I wish that they offered free classes so I could do them!

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