Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neighborhood Meander

Tonight I couldn't decide between a bike ride or run. I wanted to get a bike ride in, but I don't like to bike by myself, and it can be a chore to take the bike downstairs and get everything ready. I also had a pretty long day at work, and wanted to do some sweating, so I decided on a approximately 3 mile run.  I took my usual route to the trail, but then decided I wanted to go run through the neighborhoods along Milwaukee road.  The weather was great, and the houses were beautiful.  I ran up a street, then decided to turn right when I saw a school I recognized that is on the trail, and just kept turning whenever.  I found my obtainable dream house, and also some gorgeous, unobtainable (for now) houses.
It's amazing to me how sometimes awesome places can be so close, yet you've never experienced them before.  It makes me look forward to biking because more ground can be covered more quickly!

Tomorrow I will be covering the swim (at 5:40 am with Laurie and Elizabeth), and the bike and run at Tri practice.  Hopefully I can enjoy all as much as I did my run tonight.

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