Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Switching gears

Run Kayla, run has officially become swim, bike, run Kayla for the summer. Tonight was the kick-off of the Great Beginner Triathlon 8 week training program put on by SBR coaching in Verona and headed up by the lovely Kitty Cole. Tonight was pretty simple. We began by going over the group training schedule for the next few weeks, and then got the bicycles out. We rode a few laps around and then got some training suggestions based on what the coaches were seeing. Rule #1 I have to work on: look ahead, not at your feet when you take off (no starring at your feet even when clipping in or putting your feet in the cages).  Rule #2 that I struggle with is keeping my shoulders relaxed. How can one really relax their shoulders when crouched over a bike?! Those were my big areas to work on for biking.

Next Kitty discussed road etiquette. Some of the info I was already aware of; always pass on the left and let others know you are coming up on them, and obey traffic rules. I did learn that once stopped at a red light with no traffic, you are free to cross after 45 seconds because you on a bike will [hopefully] not trigger the light sensor. I also learned that you cannot ride your bike in a cross walk, it has to be ridden outside of it or walked.  Next we did a mini running clinic. We ran a third of a mile as the coaches watched. It turns out I don't swing my arms enough. I'm not sure how this happened, but I'll sure be working to fix it! I'm not sure if it's from my previously injured and weaker shoulder or my heart rate monitor rubbing on me. Anyways, good to know. Overall it was a nice class with cooperative weather. I'm hoping to get in full tri swing by swimming tomorrow. Here we go triathlon 2012!

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