Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Triathlon Training Week 2

Today was week 2 of the Great Beginner Triathlon training program.  I started the day off by meeting Elizabeth and Laurie at the Janesvillle Athletic Club at 5:45 for a swim.  This was Laurie's first swim, and she did great.  She reminded me a lot of myself when I first started swimming; the thought of "what am I doing?!" entered my head several times in my first few swims I'm sure.  I remember training for my first triathlon; I struggled through the swim, but one night it all clicked and I was able to swim the 18 laps at Marshall for the half mile. I enjoy seeing how far I've come, before I struggled to breathe and swim 25 yards, now I have no problem doing sets of 80 or 120 yards. 

After an eventful day of work pre-Holiday, I skipped my last stop to rush home, throw my bike rack on my car, change, grab my bike, and run out of the door.  I was very glad that I had already picked out what I intended to wear to tri class, otherwise I would have been more flustered and late to class!  At practice Kitty talked for a bit, but I was ready to get out there for a bike and run!  We did 2 sets of bike and run brick workouts totally about 3 miles, and then had a bike clinic.  Corey showed us how to change a flat tire, and then it was our turn.  I payed close attention as he was showing us what to do, but it turns out I was not very good at changing my tire!!  I felt like everything I was doing was incorrect and I struggled through.  I did manage to deflate my tire with no problem :)  After that I tried to put my tube in backwards and blow my tire up with the valve closed.  Someone should have been videoing me for comic relief.  Nonetheless, I did manage to change the tire, and if in dire need I bet I could do it again!  I took both the front and back tires off, I sure hope my bike functions alright the next time I go for a ride! 

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